Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is your coverage area?

Our coverage extends to most of Effingham County. See coverage map for a general idea. Please call us to confirm we can provide you internet service.


How do we sign up for your service?

The first step is to contact us to make sure we can get you service. We may have to perform a free site test to verify that your location is line of sight.


What is line of sight?

Fixed wireless service requires line of sight access between the antenna on your home and one of our towers. Obstructions from hills or trees can prohibit Internet from being installed in some locations. Before your internet can be installed, a technician will come out to your home to confirm line of sight and the ability to provide a clear signal.


Do we have to sign a contract for your service?

Yes, you do. If you get our service, there will be a 1 year contract service agreement for residential customers.


What is involved in the installation?

There will be an antenna installed on your building or another location where the strongest signal can be achieved. Coming from the antenna is a Cat5 cable that will run into your house and connect to a power supply. This power supply will then connect to your network via an Ethernet cable. If you wish, you may add a wireless router in order to receive a Wi-Fi signal throughout your home.


How do we pay for our bills?

Customers can either mail us a check or fill out a form to be set up with automated payments.


Can I use Magic Jack, Ooma, or other VoIP services with KNR?

Yes! KNR’s internet service supports VoIP service.


Can I stream Netflix, Hulu or use other streaming services?

Yes! KNR’s internet is perfect for streaming movies or even your favorite music.


Do you have data limits or caps?

No. We offer only unlimited packages with no hidden gotchas.


Do you have 24/7 support?

Yes. However, our technicians typically work normal business hours. All emergencies are handled right away, including after hours. We have after-hours phone support as well.

Can I have a static IP address?

Yes. We provide static IP addresses to our customers upon request for an additional charge. The charge is $20 a month.