Industries Served

people walking on a college campus

Classrooms, dormitories, research labs, auditoriums and stadiums depend on being connected. KNR Wireless can provide affordable, quality connectivity to rapidly deploy the network you need.

the outer walls of a city hall

KNR can provide the technology for cities to create hotspots, monitor facilities and connect events using secure FIPS certified and encrypted microwave.

hotel room

KNR can ensure complete, reliable, user-friendly broadband coverage throughout hotels and resorts for hospitality companies.

a person working on her tablet and another person working on his smartphone
Public Wi-Fi

KNR can provide municipalities and event organizers public WiFi solutions that provide solid connectivity.

a city skyline with an overlay of dots that are connected
Smart Cities

We can provide the wireless broadband for high speed connectivity for WiFi, video surveillance, data transfer, SCADA control, traffic control, metering infrastructure, etc.

water flowing from a spigot, a power line, and a natural gas flame

We plan engineering and manage private wireless networks for industrial IoT, machine-to-machine, and SCADA for oil and gas and water utilities using ATEX / HAZLOC-certified equipment.

two video cameras mounted to a pole
Video Surveillance

Outdoor wireless network solutions provide cost-effective, high-performance communication infrastructures for video surveillance applications.